Fundamentals of Photogrammetry

Understanding some simple concepts regarding the photogrammetric solution can be the difference between your project success or failure

  • Digital camera overviews and types of sensors
  • Types of camera shutters and the effects on your data
  • Image overlaps and the results on your accuracy
  • Sun and shadow and the effect of lighting
  • Capture principles like required coverage, ground control points and angle of incident

Drone and camera selection, computer hardware and software selection

Different project types and applications demand tailored drone solutions and approaches.

  • Pros and cons of fixed wing v multirotors
  • Will you process in house or cloud based service
  • What is the best software solution for your project needs
  • Should you consider RTK (real-time kinematic) or PPK (post-processed kinematic) enabled drones. What are the benefits
  • Detailed overview of market leading platforms

Pre-mission planning, flight control software, quality control aspects

Comprehensive pre-mission planning is arguably the most important aspect of any aerial survey, 90% of the flying should be completed before the drone leaves the ground.

  • Airspace restrictions
  • Weather considerations
  • Required ground control targets and their geometric distribution
  • Flight height and image overlap requirements
  • Camera settings and image formats
  • Fail safe and emergency responses for risk management
  • Data quality control – post flight
  • Best apps for data capture

Practical field based data collection

Apply your new expertise to practical field base data capture.

  • Plan and execute a drone survey mission
  • Get experience on a range of flight control applications including pix4d capture, drone deploy, dji ground station pro
  • Be prepared for mid flight emergencies and learn how to respond
  • Safely verify the quality and integrity of your data before leaving the field
  • Apply advanced mapping techniques for 3d modelling of assets and structures

Processing of aerial data to generate accurate 3D and 2D outputs

Turn aerial data into detailed and accurate 2d imagery and 3d outputs.

  • Learn the ins and outs of industry-leading photogrammetry software solutions
  • Hands-on experience will be gained using; – Pix4d Mapper, Agisoft Photoscan, Bentley ContextCapture
  • Strengths of each software solution will be explored as well as best practice and workflows for each
  • Real-world applicable data sets are provided to all attendees for processing and manipulation
  • Common issues with data processing, with real world examples and solutions

QA and verification techniques to ensure quality and accuracy

Is your data ok? Have confidence in your data and deliverables. Ensure you are using accurate and reliable outputs.

  • Quality assurance and verification techniques
  • Develop a reliable quality assurance procedure to ensure you are delivering acceptable survey data
  • Produce a statistical error analysis of your data in line with international surveying standards
  • Learn how some of your software tools can make this a simple and automated process

Manual editing and feature extraction

Extract meaningful information and insights from your drone data.

  • Creating gigabytes of visually stunning images and hundreds of millions of accurate 3d points is great, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle
  • Extracting the key pieces of information from your data is an integral part of the survey process
  • Get hands-on with some industry leading software solutions like;
  • Global Mapper, virtual surveyor, cloud compare and learn how to: calculate stockpile volumes and generate cut/fill volume reports for earthworks and mining operations – filter and strip unwanted objects and vegetation

Data delivery and cloud based hosting

Deliver high end & accurate survey data.

  • Look into different types of file formats and delivery options
  • Ensure your clients are receiving only top quality and actionable data sets
  • Learn how to add value to your clients and stakeholders operations with a range of data delivery and online hosting options
  • Discover powerful online/web-based services such as propeller aero and engage with people and projects like never before

Who should attend this course?

  • Surveyors looking to upskill their personal survey skills and capabilities or add drone survey services to their company or projects
  • Site and project engineers who want to measure and manage their sites and projects
  • Earthworks companies and contractors wanting to gain actionable insights into their material handling processes
  • Environmentalists looking to monitor and manage sensitive areas to an extreme level of detail
  • Asset engineers, infrastructure and maintenance companies who will find value in recording and monitoring assets in a 3d spatial environment
  • Individual who wants to further their personal or professional development