Established by experienced Surveyors and Spatial Experts, Remote Results understand that data accuracy and reliability are the most important outcomes of any aerial survey. Our main goal is to provide professional and comprehensive Aerial Surveying and Mapping training to clients across a range of industries in Australia.

Countless industries and professions are harnessing the power of Drones to conduct aerial surveying, map and inspect their projects and assets. Applying the correct equipment, data capture principles and software solutions is paramount to success. At Remote Results, we deliver comprehensive training and consultation to arm individuals and companies with all the information they need to get off the ground with their own Drone Survey Program.

What sets us apart?

At Remote Results, we pride ourselves on being 100% independent and unbiased. In an industry driven by hype and attractive marketing material we only deliver content and material that is tried and tested. Our methods and recommendations are built on the back of many years of successes and failures. We understand the hard, expensive lessons so you can avoid these issues.

With technology in the drone industry moving at light speed, keeping up to date with the latest hardware and software applications is a full time job. We are constantly testing and applying new hardware and software workflows to navigate through the hype and find the best solutions on the market, drastically reducing the learning curve so you can have confidence in your workflows and your results!

Our Team

Aerial Survey Trainer Matt Power

Matt Power

Matt Power – Director and Lead Trainer

With more than 10 years’ experience as a qualified Mine and Engineering Surveyor and RPAS Operator, Matt has a broad understanding of survey practice and its application within the mining, construction and engineering industries.

From the commencement of his career, Matt has had exposure to all forms of surveying, quickly finding a passion for the application of drones in the surveying industry. Since realising this passion, Matt has been heavily involved in the research and development of new technology and its implementation within a range of projects and environments. Matt actively continues to develop his experience operating UAVs for aerial survey projects in the mining, construction and engineering industries.

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson, Director

Ross Anderson has a passion for creating business efficiency through remotely piloted aviation. A commercial pilot of more than 17 years experience Ross developed one of the first drone training courses to be recognised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).